Hello my name is Garry.

I'm an Editorial/Fashion and Portrait photographer, i have been shooting for 3 years and started going professional late 2013. At the moment i hope to excel and continue to learn by collaborating, interesting, and talented people.

I am captivated by new ideas, emotion/mood, love and beauty. I'm interested in working with models that are kind, confident and who are comfortable with themselves.

I shoot for quality over quantity and i do all of my own retouching. I prefer to work outdoors, on location, and in nature.

you can follow my portfolio here at www.garrychiuphotography.com

If you are interested in booking a shoot please feel free to contact me. At this point I don't have much time for trade shoots however they're not entirely out of the question. Occasionally I will offer trade shoots depending on the time i have free.

Thanks for your time, interest and viewing what im all about.

Bookings and Collaboration:
Email: garrychiuphotography@outlook.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/garrychiuphotography
Instagram: gforgaz
MM#: 2772985